About Eurostat Online

Eurostat Online is the ecommerce site for SJM Eurostat UK.

From the early 80's when ESD protection was a state of the art knowledge, Eurostat started to engineer product fighting against ESD hazards. 25 years later Eurostat group has become the European leader in manufacturing and distributing ESD products. With headquarter in France, occupying more than 5000 sqm, Eurostat has branches in the Netherlands, Sweden and UK and a wide distributor network across Europe.

Rigid Packaging : from compound to final product

Most of the ESD rigid packaging used in the electronics industries are usually bought either in small or medium but rarely large quantities. All of them are customized. To be able to react quickly to our customer needs, we invest in a totally vertically integrated production system : ie, extruding ourselves all the ESD raw material, developing products, manufacturing moulds, vacuum forming and assembling. This extensive vertical integration allows us to offer our customer a wide range of sophisticated solutions for their packaging problems. Having all the manufacturing in house, we can offer a very high level of customization

Flexible packaging : European based production

Back in 1994, the company integrated the production of flexible packaging. 5 bags machines are used : 2 for standard metallized bags, 1 for moisture barrier and bubble bags and 2 for dissipative low tribo-charging bags. Machines are equipped with printing devices for standard or private labelling. Zippers can be implemented on metallized and dissipative bags. All our film strictly comply with all applicable ESD norms.

Manufactured products : a large range of standard and customized products

An exhaustive choice of ESD material in addition to various production methods allow us to always find the ideal solution to any packaging request : vacuum trays, foams, magazines, corrugated boxes, customized inserts for injected or component boxes and all types of bags (pink polyethylene bags, shielding bags, moisture barrier bags, black conductive bags and bubble metallized bags).

Workstation products : Group sinergy

Our global partnership with Dou Yee enterprises in Asia, the worldwide leader in ESD, makes it possible to offer the European market the largest range of high quality workstation products : grounding cords, wrist straps and heel straps, labcoats, shirts, gloves and shoes, instruments and ionization, matting, chairs and workbenches, ...

ESD Expertise

Eurostat is a recognized training institute and ESD expert center, auditing regularly the most demanding customers in Europe. Thanks to our presence in the IEC, we participate in defining the latest ESD norms. We are an ISO 9001 version 2000 certified company and all our products are in compliance with EN 61340-5-1 and RoHS norms.

Supply chain : global capability, local focus

Our 4 logistic platform in Europe enable us to supply our european customer wherever they are just in time. 12 internation sales supports, 15 technical sales engineers and 3 technical engineers are 100% dedicated to customer support.

The Eurostat group : Your ESD PARTNER

Due to our partnership with Dou Yee enterprises, we can follow up and assist the great players in the electronic industries on a worldwide basis. As a pioneer over 25 years ago in the new "niche" ESD business, it is a natural consequence that Eurostat Group has evolved into the major European actor of the 21st century in that field and the sole industrial ESD solutions provider. All this spells top quality products at the most competitive prices on the market.